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Pancakes With Blueberries and Strawberries | Best Breakfast Franklin, TN

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Where Pancake Passion Meets Culinary Creativity

At Stacked Express, we believe in rewriting the breakfast rulebook. It all started with a simple love for pancakes and quickly evolved into an all-out breakfast revolution. We're not just about the flapjacks; we're about letting your morning (or afternoon... we don't judge!) culinary creativity run wild.

Pancakes With Fresh Berries | Best Pancakes in Franklin, TN

Pancake Possibilities

Fluffy, Fabulous, and Ready for Your Twist

Experience the future of breakfast at Stacked Express! Nestled in the food court of Cool Springs Mall in Franklin, TN, our kid-friendly and fast-service pancake restaurant revolutionizes your morning with state-of-the-art ordering kiosks. Dive into the world of pancakes made easy—swift service, effortless ordering, and a meal crafted exactly to your tastes. At Stacked Express, we’re flipping pancakes and expectations, one quick click at a time.

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Beyond the Stack

A Symphony of Sides

Think we're a one-note wonder? Think again! Slide on over to our sizzling egg station or hash out a plan with our crispy hashbrowns. Got a bigger appetite? Our legendary smashburgers are ready to make your taste buds dance. At Stacked Express, the side show is just as enthralling as the main event.

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Join The Breakfast Revolution

A Plate for Every Palate

No matter if you're here for our sky-high pancakes or the savory ensemble of eggs and more, Stacked Express promises a flavor-packed journey like no other. Dive in, discover, and elevate your breakfast game. We've got a plate and a plethora of possibilities waiting just for you.

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The Story Behind The Flavors

Stacked Express was born from a simple idea – to create a cozy haven for food lovers, blending timeless recipes with modern twists. Every dish that comes out of our kitchen tells a story, a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. From the locally sourced ingredients to our dedicated team, get to know more about the magic behind the scenes at Stacked Express.

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